Why eloping might be right for you!

I loved my wedding day which is no surprise to most – but they are surprised when I tell them I eloped!! Chris and I decided to get married in Yosemite National Park. After deciding on our wedding venue neither of us were jumping with excitement. It happened to be a Friday night, we cracked open a bottle of whiskey hand a long talk about our wedding plans. We had a huge map of the world on the wall and that got us thinking……should we elope? That thought alone got us both super excited and thats how we knew, we had to go away.

Our Elopement!

We hiked to Taft Point in Yosemite with only our photographers, videographers and our officiant to exchange our vows. It was perfect for us. I never wanted a big traditional wedding, we both really love adventures, traveling and seeing new things.  So what better way to get married then to go see somewhere new and say our vows at. We travelled for a few months afterwards around South America and had a massive party with our friends and family when we returned. It was much less pressure than being the centre of attention for a massive wedding ceremony, which is something I wasn’t keen on! 

Why eloping might Be Right For You!

You only get one wedding day

Your wedding day should be exactly what you want it to be. It is so easy to get carried away with what other people tell you that you should do. Doing what you feel would make others happy – but it’s YOUR big day and so it should to be exactly what you want! You really only get to do this once, just make sure you are 100% doing it your way, no one else’s. If you want the big traditional wedding, the chair covers, table centre pieces etc, then perfect, as long as its want you want. If the thought of all these things make you want to run away and elope just the two of you OR  bring a handful of your closest people with you then go for it!! Have an epic adventure.

Eloping for your wedding day could be the perfect choice for you. You don’t have to worry about missing out on memories because an elopement photographer can capture every moment for you. 

I Eloped For My Wedding & Why It Might Be Right For You Too!

Spend Your Wedding Budget On you!

Weddings are not cheap & often result in you spending your hard-earned money on other people to get drunk & eat lots of nice food. Don’t get me wrong, getting drunk and eating LOTS of nice food can be amazing, but maybe you would rather do that just the two of you.  By eloping to Ireland ( or elsewhere ) you can spend the money you saved on other things – like an epic adventure around the world while finding your perfect place to exchange your vows – the choice is yours!

Ways To Elope Without Offending Your Friends and Family

These days eloping doesn’t have to mean ditching your friends and family & getting married just you two! Instead, you can absolutely elope somewhere exciting & take your loved ones with you! There is nothing more romantic than choosing to elope and being surrounded by the closest people that mean the world to you and completely support your marriage no matter what way you choose to do it.  Then when you get home, you could have a massive get together where you can celebrate together & share photos and memories from your adventure –  Plus you get to wear your dress twice!! Who wouldn’t want to wear their wedding dress twice? Have a look here at how Stacie and Andrew involved both parents in their elopement.

why eloping might be right for you

Documenting your adventure

As an elopement photographer, I’m used to documenting perfect wedding day photos in untraditional settings. As a bride that got married in this way, I know exactly what you’re looking for.

Eloping to get married means you get to do this on your own terms, you can totally take along whoever you want, be it your closest friends and family and go see a different part of the world and STILL save yourself a tonne of money on the way. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to spend my money on an epic adventure with memories that will last a lifetime, see the world and spend less money on what you would have for one day. Here in Northern Ireland I shoot a lot of elopements for couples traveling from all over the world. I get to show them Irelands most amazing spots to say their vows and help them along with their journey whatever way I can. Its one of my favourite part of the job, along with adventuring outside and showing of what this beautiful country of ours has to offer 🙂 

Why eloping might Be Right For You!

Why eloping might Be Right For You!

For many people eloping seems like a scary decision but it was the best one for me & I’m certain it would be for you too! Want to discuss elopement photography in more detail and get more info on my pricing? Get in touch today, I’d be delighted to help! Also, if you are on Instagram make sure to follow me HERE for more adventures. 

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