Here are some frequently asked questions about how to elope in Ireland:

Q. What if we don’t get legally married officially on the day of our elopement?

A. This is probably my number one question. This happens all the time. I would say at least 90% of my couples that travel from the USA or Canada that elope here in Ireland, don’t legally marry here. They choose to to the legal paper work at home

On your elopement day, do whatever you two actually want to do, and get married in a legal ceremony later. You can sign the documents whenever you want, maybe at your local courthouse before or after your Ireland Elopement ceremony. Alternately, hold a small ceremony where you sign your licence in front of family and friends.

Your elopement day is your wedding, not because you’re signing your licence, but because you’re repeatedly choosing each other as your spouse in a setting that is special and important to you both.

Q. Can we extend an invitation to our elopement?

A. It’s your elopement day; you get to decide who to invite.

There isn’t a certain number that distinguishes an elopement from a wedding, although I typically never photograph events with more than 25 guests.

You can embark on an adventure whether it’s just the two of you or includes your closest friends and family. Whether it’s your entire family, just your sister, your dog, your grandmother, your best friend, or even just the two of you, you can invite anybody you want. It’s your magical, wonderful day, and you get to choose every ideal detail.

Q. How do we choose where to elope in Ireland?

A. One of the best aspects of eloping is that you can go wherever you choose!

That prospect offers such lovely freedom, but I am also aware of how daunting having too many options can be.

Don’t worry, i’ve got you covered. I have combined my years of photographing elopements all over Ireland and experience to create the ultimate guide for picking the best elopement locations in Ireland. I cover all the bases – IRELAND ELOPEMENT GUIDE

I will guide you though this. I will  send you a questionnaire to get to know you both, it asks everything about what you are dreaming about for your day. I will then send you some epic location ideas and help you find that dream location just for you.  I will help you as much as you need to create your dream intimate wedding or elopement day.

Q. Are witnesses required at our Ireland Elopement ceremony?

A. This depends if you decide to have your legal ceremony in Ireland or do the legal paper work back home

If you are set on getting legally married on your elopement day in an area requiring witnesses, there are tons of ways to go about making There are many methods to make this happen if you are keen on getting legally married on your elopement day

  1. To serve as your witnesses, you could bring along two friends or two family members. Allow them to do their legal duties and then give you privacy for your own small ceremony, or include them in your plans.
  2. I am happy to be a witness, if you have a videographer also, then you are sorted. Or we can find two strangers to step in. People here would be more then happy too 🙂

Don’t worry if you want to elope in Ireland or northern Ireland without the necessity for witnesses and merely want to spend the day with your significant other. Decide where and how you want to elope, then take care of the paperwork and planning at home.

Q.  How many images are included?

A. For adventure elopements I deliver at least 200. Depends on the number of hours you book me for. The more hours means more epic locations.

I don’t put a set number on how many you will receive, but I never leave anything out. I don’t put a cap or a limit on what I will deliver. Every wedding is different and varies from the last, and numbers are always changing. If you’d like to see some full wedding galleries, please feel free to ask! I’m happy to send over a few so you can get an idea of what I deliver.

I don’t have a set amount. As a minimum, for weddings at a full day I deliver at least 600 +  For sessions, I deliver a minimum of 100. For Elopements 250 all depending on how many hours you book for, more hours means more time to go to more amazing locations which means lots more beautiful photos!! 🙂

Q.  How long does it take to receive the photos?

A. For your adventure elopement it will take around four-six weeks. Small wedding up to six weeks. Adventure session up to three weeks.

Q. What is an adventure session? 

A. Adventure Sessions are a two hour photo session most typically used for engagements, next day wedding portrait sessions or wedding anniversaries. Or if you really just want a session of “just us” you really don’t need an excuse 🙂  We will adventure out to a few locations close by each other and hike up to two miles give or take. Here are some example blog posts of previous adventure sessions that has taken place here in Northern Ireland:  Please Note, I do not book an adventure session packages as elopements — your wedding day deserves more time and planning than that!

Q. How do payment schedules work?

A. I require 25% down at time of booking to hold your date, and the remaining 75% due 1 month prior to your wedding.

Q. What do we wear for photos?

A. I have a style guide I can send over, but just wear something that is comfortable and is your style. Be yourselves! Sticking to neutrals is best, but message me and I can help you choose an outfit based on the location we will shoot at!

Q. Do you give raws?

A. I don’t, because editing is half the process/magic that goes into images, and without that huge step the images are only halfway done.I promise to never leave any photos out that you’ll want/need, and if you feel I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m more than happy to check back through my images and send it over for you. I wont let you miss out on any memories!

Q. How much do you charge for travel?

A. Travel is included within Northern Ireland. If outside of Northern Ireland, depending on location, I will send you a custom quote