According to wiki “Elopement, is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married”

BUT it is so much more than that. it doesn’t always mean getting married in secret, or not inviting anyone along. How you get married can be however you want to. Most people that Elope these days, do with so much intention and planning. Incorporating something they both love to do together and making an epic trip out of it. I like to think or Eloping an one big epic adventure together while getting all dressed up and celebrate your love for one another.

About your photographer

I’m a full-time small wedding and Elopement photographer based out of a small town just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. After eloping myself back in 2015 I completely fell in love with Elopements, the experience, and the planning aspect of it. So I decided I wanted to help couples and document their incredible elopements here in Ireland and afar 

“It is though the photograph has a soul of its own”

“She has a way of making you comfortable and her direction feels natural and poised. Her gift is capturing moments in all their honesty. When looking at our photos you see something that one can not fully explain nor anyone easily replicate. It is as though the photograph has a soul of its own. The framing, lighting, and rawness of the photo leave you feeling as though you are present in that exact moment it was shot. She has a true gift and her photos are not just stunning but make you feel something you can’t explain”  – William & Alyssa 

Your Ireland Elopement Awaits

With castle ruins, cliff tops with Atlantic views, from mountains to fields with never-ending shades of green,, and much much more, Ireland is truly one of Europes unique locations for any kind of romantic and adventurous elopement!


I help plan and guide you through the whole planning process. My aim is to make your elopement planning as stress-free as possible. I send you a questionnaire to get to know you both and what you want to get out of your elopement day and give you as many consultations as you need.


You will receive a list of recommendations of amazing, local vendors I have worked with in the past, including officiants, florists, hair, and MUA.


I will create a relaxed custom timeline for you based on how many hours you book and where you wish to exchange your vows. This will allow you to soak up every second of your elopement while adventuring around taking in the unreal views.


After your chilled-out, adventurous elopement day, you will receive some sneak peeks which you can share with your family and friends. Followed by a full gallery of your epic memories to keep forever.



  • A LIST OF LOCATION IDEAS for your dream elopement to help you find the perfect place to say I do
  • ELOPEMENT GUIDE You will receive an elopement guide packed full of information on preferred local vendors, what to pack, and locations
  • PRIVATE ONLINE GALLERY You will receive fully edited, ready-to-print photos with a link to share with your family and friends

Starting at £2200

Customised Elopement Packages

I would love to help you with your elopement plans and help create the perfect day for you and come up with a customisable package for you. Whether you are planning to elope anywhere in Europe or plan to Elope here in Ireland but need a more tailored quote to suit your needs. I’ve got you!

Get in touch with me and let’s create your perfect day.


“Paula blew our socks off”

“My wife and I eloped to Ireland and really had no idea what we were doing heading into this thing. We basically showed up with zero expectations of what the day was going to look like and Paula blew our socks off.

She made us feel so comfortable in the camera and was so knowledgeable in best poses and locations. We really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect human to capture our big day. We always talk about how we want to return and have Paula capture our vow renewals because it was so special the first time”

– Sean and Mimi


“Paula is amazing! She sent back one photo a few days after our elopement while we were still in N. Ireland and we couldn’t wait to see the rest! Because she’s a local she knows all these secret spots, which made our wedding day so much more enchanting. Our ceremony was done on a clifftop overlooking the sea and Dunluce castle, without her we would have never been able to even have access to that spot. Her photos are dreamy and she’s just an all around incredible photographer. We look forward to going back and having our photos taken again!!”

– Clarissa and Zach

“Blown away”

“I knew as soon as I found Paula’s portfolio that she was the perfect person to capture our wedding. She was incredibly easy to work with and made us feel so comfortable and at ease 🙂 We were blown away by our photographs, they are just beautiful. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. Everyone has been commenting on how stunning our photographs are. So delighted to have her part of our big day”

– Olivia and Andrew



I mentioned this briefly earlier, but here are more reasons why I think you should Elope on a weekday

  • PRIVACY I don’t know about you, but when I eloped, I wanted total privacy to be myself without prying eyes of tourists and locals. You will have way fewer tourists hanging around your special spot during the week.
  • It’s much easier to book your ceremony location Many of these locations that are popular for elopements and on private lands will require reservations. I am currently taking bookings up to a year on places like Dunluce Castle.
  • You can enjoy the local touristy things on the weekend. If you have a midweek elopement, you can enjoy the local, bars and restaurants, explore the popular locations at the weekend while you are still here, get to know the locals, and have some craic and relax.
  • More vendors are available many vendors I work with work on weddings that take place in a venue over the weekends, like caterers, make-up artists, florists, etc. There will be more chance of them being available for your elopement midweek.
  1. THE WEATHER The Irish weather is unpredictable at all times of the year! It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get. In light of this, I think this is all part of your Ireland elopement adventure. One minute you could be saying your vows in the sunshine, next to watching a rainbow in the distance. in General, the best months for warmer weather are in May and June, July August, and September.
  2. SUNSET TIMES here in Ireland during the summer months is quite late. During the months of June, July,and August, the sun does not set until 10 pm depending on how sunny the day is, it can even be bright until 11 pm. So if you are wanting some sunset photos, take that into account.  
  3. SUNRISE TIMES If you are hoping for a sunrise ceremony, the sun rises between 5 am to 6 am between the months of May and August
  4. IRELAND IS BIG ON LOCATIONS Ireland may seem like a small place, but it is truly big on incredible locations. You really are spoilt for choice.
  5. ELOPE ON A WEEKDAY Irish people love to get out over the weekends, especially to some of these incredible locations for your elopement. I always advise my couples to Elope on a weekday and avoid public holidays, especially Easter week, as the kids are off school and everywhere gets busy.


Ireland is well known for its castle ruins, cliff tops, incredible green fields, and views for miles. We also have some beautiful beaches, rocky mountains, and much much more. There is a reason why Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland!! Check out the link below, it will take you to a more detailed guide of locations here in Ireland


You cant go wrong with a sunrise or sunset elopement, both are perfect for much better photos.

If you wanted a Sunrise elopement here in Ireland, that might mean a 3 am wake-up during the months of May, June, and July, as the sun rises at 5 am. it can be the most incredible part of the day and totally worth it.

Sunset Elopements is the most popular choice here in Northern Ireland. I absolutely love sunsets, as the light slowly dips behind the mountains creating the most incredible light. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a picnic, chill out together and watch the sun go down. Keep in mind, the sunsets here quite late during the summer months. So a picnic is a must 🙂

This is a great guide for checking sunset and sunrise times here in Northern Ireland when researching what month you would like to Elope here


Eloping will cost way less than a traditional wedding. Even when you factor in the cost of traveling to Ireland and paying for accommodation, it will still cost so much less. Plus you get an epic adventure as well as a honeymoon thrown in.

  • PHOTOGRAPHER £1800-£5000
  • LOCATION PERMIT £0-£350 – Depending on your location and if you go to the legal work here, some places are free. Some places like Dunluce Castle starts at £350
  • CELEBRANT £150- £700 – Most of my couples particularly from the States, get the legal paperwork out of the way before coming to Ireland. They will either have a ceremony and read their vows by themselves or have a family or friend officiate the wedding
  • HAIR & MAKEUP £250-£500
  • FLORAL £180 this depends on what you are getting. From bouquets to styling your ceremony location.
  • TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION You need to factor in your flights, accommodations, car rental, etc. Many people opt to stay in airbnbs and they can be much cheaper and is a great way to split the cost if you are bringing along some family and friends. It’s also a great idea to stay in an air b&b if you have guests as you can host a mini dinner party and hire a local chief.


If you have decided you want to do the legal paperwork here in Ireland, whether that be a religious or a civil ceremony elopement, in the Republic of Ireland, your ceremony must be done by a registered solemniser or a humanist. This can only take place on a location with a postal address or at an identifiable landmark and be accessible to the public. So no random field or private property.

You will also need two people present, over 18 to be your witness. Your photographer can be one witness and if you get a videographer they can be your second. That is, of course, you are eloping without guests. You must give notice of at least 3 months before your ceremony and apply for a marriage visa.

You can find more information HERE

If you are Eloping in Northern Ireland, your elopement ceremony must be done by an officiant if you require a religious ceremony, or a Humanist Celebrant, or a register for secular weddings. Again, you will need two witnesses over 18 years of age. You will need to give notice of your marriage within 12 months of your elopement, a minimum of 28 days to apply for a UK marriage visa.

You might decide to do the legal paperwork at home and save all that hassle, so you can have your ceremony here. That’s the most popular route my couples take. it means you have more choice for your ceremony backdrop. You can also bring along a friend or family member to officiate.


The weather in Ireland can be unpredictable. One minute it can be raining, the next pure sunshine and blue skies. During the winter months and early spring, we have seen days with rain, sun, hailstones, and rainbows all in one hour. The thing about Irish weather is, it changes so much. You might check the weather forecast and its giving rain, but that might just be for a small portion of the morning. So don’t let the weather put you off. I personally think stormy weather makes for some of the most incredible experiences and of course photos.

  • EMBRACE THE WEATHER You never know you might love the experience in saying your vows in the rain. I have had couples in the past elope in the rain and absolutely loved it. They danced, they laughed they even had a rainbow appear.
  • BE PREPARED.  If you really don’t want to get wet, be prepared to work around the timings. If its giving the weather to be just far to wet and stormy, be prepared to change your ceremony time from say, sunset to sunrise, or vice versa.
  • AGAIN BE PREPARED Bring some rain coats, waterproof hiking boots, If you choose to get married in the winter months, bring along some hand warmers and some leggings for under your dress. Choose a colour that will not be to noticeable, like your skin colour or the same colour as your dress. You will be so glad you did.


Over the past six years of shooting Elopements, I have worked with some incredible local vendors. So I have chosen a list of only the best for you guys. These guys will make sure to provide you with the absolute best for your elopement.

Here is a list of the type of vendors I can help you with for your Ireland Elopement


I am obsessed with wedding bouquets. I always like to think if I wasn’t an elopement photographer I would be a florist!! So naturally,, I have a list of the best florists here in Northern Ireland for your elopement.


I know some of the most incredible hair and makeup artists here that create beautiful work yet make sure you still look like you


I can pair you up with a videographer with a similar style to my work and will work in a similar way to me. Its a great way to remember your epic trip to Ireland


If you decide to hire a celebrant for your Ireland Elopement, I have got you covered!

Some Frequently asked questions

Got anymore questions you would like answered? No problem, get in touch via the contact button below. I am more than happy to answer


Most couples start planning around 6 months out, but I have had couples book me in as little as two weeks out. That’s the great thing about eloping, there is much less planning involved, once you book me, I will help guide you through everything you need to know and book to make it as simple as possible for you, so all you need to worry about is your outfits and flights!!! Its that simple.


Heck yes! Quite a few of my elopements my couples have included their family and/or close friends. Some choose to bring a few guests to adventure with them and witness their vow exchange or choose to throw a party once they get back home to celebrate with everyone they love. It’s your elopement, there are no rules, you can do whatever you like!


The cost of eloping in Ireland really comes down to your budget. The only required expense is the paperwork. Anything beyond that is up to you.
But to give a rough estimate, without including travel charges, Elopements in Ireland can range from £4000 – £8,000 all depending on a number of factors. Where you stay, where you elope, to name a few. Some places like Dunluce Castle require you to pay a small fee to have your ceremony there. You might want to factor in hair and makeup, celebrant, florists, photographer, etc. Either way, eloping costs way less than a traditional wedding.


The unpredictability of the Irish weather is actually a benefit to your elopement photos, believe it or not. I have shot elopements in the wind, rain, sun, hail, and rainbows, all in one day!!! And guess what, those photos were magical. The couple had an experience of a lifetime and enjoyed every second. The weather is part of your adventure. Don’t worry, if it’s too insane to go out, I will have a backup plan ready.

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