BEST Elopement Dress Guide for 2021 – What you need to know

Colleen Mc Govern

Beautiful photos! I love the idea of an adventure elopement. This is exactly what my friend is looking to do in Ireland. How do you find so many perfect locations?

Thank you :) Ireland may be small, but there are so many incredible locations to explore here and are perfect for adventure elopements!!

Mimi Todd

Some great things to consider. Love the dresses on the photos, especially the one taken indoors in front of the big windows. What make is it?

Hey Mimi, that dress is by Chantel Lauren, her designs are incredible!!

Imelda Moran

Beautiful dresses and stunning photos. Such a wonderful way to tie the knot.

Donna Scullion-Smith

Beautiful photos, stunning locations. Very romantic, you capture the love and emotions so well. At the very start of your video the bride is wearing a fur coat, can you please tell me the name of this location?

Thank you Donna, yes, it’s along the Causeway Coast :)