How many hours do I need for my elopement?

Honestly, most elopement coverage I do starts with 5 – 8 hours, some may even book for 12. Why? Because your elopement is just as important as a traditional wedding day. You might think of it as a photoshoot, but it is much more than that. It is one of the most important and biggest adventures you are both sharing together to date and doesn’t that deserve a day on it’s own rather than trying to squeeze it into a few hours?

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But isn’t 8 hours too long to be standing for photos?

Nope. You won’t be standing around getting photos. A lot of the time will be spent walking to explore new locations, chatting, stopping for food, popping some bubbly and watching the sunset. Maybe having a picnic on the beach with your family, or doing an activity. For example, if you elope to Northern Ireland and you are a massive Game of Thrones fan, maybe you want to see all the locations in your wedding gear. Maybe you want to walk the Carrick A Rede rope bridge after you say your vows. Maybe you always wanted to learn to fly and decided to take a lesson on your wedding day so you can see the views from the sky? or maybe you just want to go to the pub to simply have a pint of the black stuff (Guinness) or not!

What ever it is you are dreaming up for your elopement day, are you hoping its quick or do you want to make the most of it? The day goes by so much faster than you think. Believe me. It does. I ELOPED!! It flew in, it was flipping epic and I am so glad we had it documented, we look at our photos all the time. They are printed huge all over our walls. I think about that day all the time and want to relieve it over and over. You don’t want to be rushing through your elopement when it’s going to be one of the BEST days of your life.

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No need to compromise!

As there are two of you, you both might want to do a few different things. Instead of comprising and only deciding one thing, why not see if you can do them all? Why not, you have the whole day!

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How many hours do I need for my elopement?

Value your elopement day

The fact that you have chosen to elope means you value experience, so that’s the number one reason in itself to have as many hours as you can soak it in. I dunno about you but I’d like to wear my dress as long as possible. It’s the only material thing you most likely will have spent any money on.

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Consider the timeline of your day. You will want to chill out, not rush from one location to the next just to get a shot. You will want to soak up each location together, really take it in, and remember the smells. The feeling at your feet. The air in your lungs. Just be in the moment. Enjoy your best day yet!

Is Eloping cheaper than a Wedding

Eloping in the states can cost anything from £35000 upwards. so, yes, Eloping can be way cheaper than a large traditional wedding. The main things eloping couples spend on tier elopement day are 1. Dress  2. Photographer 3. The Location is also treated as their honeymoon. There is no need to worry about, bands, venue hire, invites, chair covers, food, you name it.

Is it ok to Elope then have a party afterwards?

Heck yes. It absolutely a great idea if this is something that you would like. I find that a lot of my eloping couples tend to go back home then have a party to celebrate with their friends and family. If eloping is something you would love to do but you hate the idea of not getting to celebrate in some way with your family and friends, then this is a perfect way to celebrate AND you get to wear your wedding dress again, which is a win win!

Are you thinking of eloping to Northern Ireland or the south of Ireland and not sure where to begin or if its even for you, please do get in touch, I would love to chat to you about this and help guide you along the way, even if you are thinking of eloping else where I can help you find those dream locations and everything you need to know about eloping. Just get in-touch here for more info including my pricing guide.  I would love to hear about your elopement ideas and plans and off course be there to document it 🙂

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