Why choosing a local Elopement photographer is a must for your North Coast Ireland Elopement


There are several reasons why choosing a local elopement photographer is a must for your North Coast Ireland Elopement.

First of, a local elopement photographer like myself will be much more familiar with the area and will be able to recommend the best locations for your elopement photos. They will know the most scenic spots and hidden gems that will make your photos magic.

I have discovered so much in the last five years of shooting elopements, the locations, secret spots that even the locals don’t know about and most certainly the bus loads of tourists wont be anywhere near. These locations are mostly very private, which is of course what most couples that elope aim for right? I know when I eloped that was a top priority.

Second, a local photographer will be able to help you with the logistics of your elopement. They will be able to provide advice on obtaining a marriage license, how feasible it will be to elope on your chosen location. Give advice about the length of time it will take in-between each location to get to. We will be able to recommend local vendors and venues like a florists, celebrant. We will also Create the perfect timeline that will line up with the locations chosen, and assist with any other planning needs you may have.

Getting the time right for sunset photos

As we will know the area so well, we will also know when and where we need to be in order to catch the perfect sunset shot. There are a few locations I will always aim to be at the end of your Northern Ireland Elopement in order to capture the incredible sunset we can get here.

Third, a local photographer will be able to capture the essence of the North Coast of Ireland in your photos. They will be able to capture the beauty of the area and the spirit of your elopement in a way that only someone who is familiar with the region can. Every-time I visit locations on my elopement shoots such as The Giants Causeway or Dunseverick Castle, I find new ways to photograph that area as i am there so often.

Overall, choosing a local Northern Ireland Elopement photographer is a great way to ensure that your north coast of Ireland elopement is a success. They will be able to provide you with expert advice and beautiful photos that will capture the magic of your adventure.

Let the Adventure begin…..

Causeway Coast Northern Ireland


If you are thinking or coming to Northern Ireland to Elope I would love to hear from you and chat with you about your elopement plans

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