Louise and John – Wedding Photography Donegal

Louise and John married on one of those glorious sunny days we had in September ……………sigh*
What a day they had. Their wedding took place in Donegal, one of my favourite parts of the world!!
I have known Louise for some years now, we first met when we were teenagers working in Pats Bar in Enniskillen, good times 🙂 It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to document her and Johns wedding day and Louise looked absolutely stunning!

Louise and john-wedding photography-7
Louise-wedding day photography Ireland-2
Louise and john-wedding photography-2-3
Louise and john-wedding photography-8
Louise and john-wedding photography-9
Louise and john
Donegal-wedding photography-Ireland
Louise and john-3
Louise and john-2
Louise and john-4
Louise and john-5
Louise-Wedding photography Ireland
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-31
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-3-2
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-4-2
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-5-2
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-7
Louise and john-wedding photography-6
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-2
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-30
Louise and john-wedding photography-2-2
Louise and john-wedding photography-3-2
Louise and john-7
Irish wedding in Donegal
Irish wedding photography in Donegal
Louise and john-wedding photography-3
Louise and john-wedding photography-4
Louise and john-wedding photography-5
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-14
Louise and john-8
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-16
Louise and john-9
Louise and john-15
Irish wedding photography Donegal-
Louise and john-12
Louise and john-11
Louise and john-24
Louise and john-21
Louise and john-22
Donegal Ireland wedding photography
Louise and john-17
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-5
Louise and john-19
Louise and john-18
Louise and john-30
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-21
Louise and john-20
Louise and john-23
Louise and john-10
Louise and john-wedding photography-10
Louise and john-26
Louise and john-27
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-23
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-24
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-25
Louise and john-29
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-28
Louise&john-wedding photography Ireland-Donegal-26
Louise and john-25

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