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One of the top questions I get is ” Can you recommend any makeup artists”? I have put together a list of my top favourite MUAs I have worked with in the past, whom I think is incredible and natural. You won’t feel like you are caked in makeup. I have seen these girls at work and they are fantastic at what they do. If you were to choose any of these ladies you will have a lovely experience. Believe me, I know what it’s like to get your make up done, then wanting to cry once you have seen yourself afterward. I remember having to wipe a lot of mine of after a wedding I was attending some years back. I didn’t look like myself, I was caked in makeup and felt like I was wearing another outfit, but on my face. I certainly don’t want this for anyone, let alone a bride on her wedding day.

I also recommend you book in for a trial. So that way you can figure out exactly what it is you want on your day.


Ireland elopement MUA

Tippy Logronio is a published freelance makeup artist based in Belfast but covers Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland. Tippy also travels all over for destination weddings and elopements. Tippy specialises in beauty, editorial, and natural bridal makeup. She loves nothing more than to make her brides feel beautiful and confident but still looking like themselves – only on a good day! Her favorite look is the “barely there” look and believes skin should still look like skin. I am inclined to agree.

Tippy trained at the London School of Media Makeup under BAFTA-winning film and tv makeup artist Jean Richmond and Rebecca Wordingham. Since then she has assisted in various shows such as London Fashion Week, the BAFTAS, and London Collections Men

Check out more of her amazing work in the link below.


Ireland elopement MUA-1

Another amazing makeup artist based in Northern Ireland, is Jennifer Ireland. Jennifers career in make-up began initially as just a light-hearted extension of learning after finishing my degree to blow off some steam before getting a “real job”. Very quickly I realised how much I loved the instant gratification of seeing a look come together, of chatting to someone and seeing how a little bit of make-up made them feel, yet still holding a brush, and working with colours and textures to create.

Her style is very much on the natural end of the spectrum. She prefers skin to look real, healthy, and supple. Eyes and lips to be enhanced but “undone”, and overall, for a woman to look like herself. A big yes to this! Every woman wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day and feel like their make up is “undone”

Check out more of Jennifer’s incredible work in the link below



Stacey is another incredible makeup artist based in Northern Ireland, she is the face behind S.A.K.DESIGNS. She has been working as a makeup artist specialising in bridal makeup for over 10 years. Based in Co. Armagh and travels widely throughout Northern and Southern Ireland. Her style of bridal makeup is best known as flawless, timeless, natural makeup. She wants you to adore your bridal makeup and look and feel like the best version of yourself. She loves to create beautiful skin that looks like skin and accentuate your features, not masks them.

Check out more of her stunning work in the link below


Ireland make up artists

Olivia Muldoon is a makeup and hairstylist based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.  Olivia has over 20 years of experience, she trained in the world at Emirates, before being selected to work at the luxury private jet service Royal Jet attending the President of the UAE and his A list guests. The Dungannon girl returned from her adventures with world-class training and the highest level of VIP customer service under her belt.

Check out her fabulous work in the link below


Heather Allen Ireland elopement MUA

“I’m all about making you look like you, but on a really really good day!” Heather

Heather is both a Hair and makeup artist. Before becoming a full-time mua and hairstylist, Heather traveled the world as cabin crew with (the worlds most glamorous airline) Virgin Atlantic. It was here she realised her makeup potential after many colleagues began to ask her to do their hair and makeup for down route activities and flights home. Heather favoured a vintage-inspired look, with pin curls, victory rolls and of course a red lip which went very well with the airlines iconic red uniform. 

You can check out Heather’s beautiful work here.

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